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Cytopoint is a new, FDA-approved injectable medication used to treat atopic dermatitis in dogs. It works by targeting a protein produced by the immune system that is involved in the inflammatory response. Cytopoint is generally well-tolerated in dogs, but some side effects have been reported. These include vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea. In rare cases, more serious side effects such as seizures and liver damage have been reported. If you notice any of these side effects in your dog, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

In December 2018, the FDA received a report of a 13-year-old Pomeranian-mix dog that died after being treated with Cytopoint. The dog had been treated with Cytopoint once before with no adverse effects. However, after the second treatment, the dog became lethargic and vomited several times. The dog was then taken to the veterinarian where it was determined that the dog had suffered liver failure and died. The owner reported that the dog had also been treated with another medication, Apoquel, which may have contributed to the liver failure.

The possible side effects of Cytopoint use on dogs.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that Cytopoint is harmful to dogs’ health. However, some dog owners have reported adverse reactions in their dogs after treatment with Cytopoint, including vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and decreased appetite.

Cytopoint is a new, injectable medication for dogs that is used to treat allergies. It is a monoclonal antibody that targets the protein that causes itchiness in dogs with allergies. While it is effective at treating allergies, there are some potential side effects that could make it bad for dogs.

These side effects include:

  • Itching and redness at the injection site
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swelling of the face, legs, or abdomen

If your dog experiences any of these side effects, you should contact your veterinarian.

Ways to keep your dog healthy and safe without using Cytopoint

There are many ways to keep your dog healthy and safe without using Cytopoint. Some of these include:

  1. Providing a nutritious and well-balanced diet for your dog.
  2. Making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise.
  3. Keeping your dog up-to-date on vaccinations and routine vet check-ups.
  4. Avoiding exposure to potential toxins and hazards in the environment.
  5. Spaying or neutering your dog to help reduce the risk of health problems later in life.
  6. Training your dog to respond to basic commands and commands related to safety.
  7. Microchipping your dog so that they can be quickly identified and returned to you if they become lost.
  8. Keeping your dog on a leash when in public places or around other animals.
  9. Monitoring your dog for any signs of illness or injury and seeking prompt veterinary care if necessary.
  10. Doing your research before bringing a new dog into your home to make sure that they will be a compatible fit for your family and lifestyle.

Cytopoint complaints

cytopoint injection for dogs reviews

There are a few complaints about Cytopoint. Some people have said that it is not very effective and that their dog’s symptoms returned after a short time. Other people have complained about the cost, saying that it is very expensive

Conclusion – Cytopoint killed my dog!

I am not a veterinarian, and cannot give you medical advice but I do not recommend this medication. While Cytopoint is generally considered to be safe and effective for most dogs, there have been a few reports of adverse reactions, including death.

5 thoughts on “Cytopoint killed my dog! Is Cytopoint Bad For Dogs?”
  1. I own a a lovely 7 yr old female pit bull. She has always been a very sensitive dog, itchy, yeasty, picky about food. Last summer 8/2022 we started our first round of Cytopoint and sadly it only lasted 6 weeks. None the less we decided to do a 2nd round as it gave our sweet girl a measure of relief. That was December 2022. Fast forward to the last 3months that have increasingly seen our girl unable to keep food down and her gums and ears turning a pale gray. This last week after dropping hundreds of dollars at the vet I learn my dog is anemic…diagnosing the type will no doubt take hundreds if not thousands more. On a whim I googled “Cytopoint and anemia” and sure enough hemolytic anemia is a side effect…”in very rare cases”. Let me just say this to the manufacturer: it is only an acceptable risk until it is your dog. DO MORE RESEARCH and stop profiting off good folks love for their beloved companions.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been facing with your dear pit bull. It must be incredibly challenging to see your furry friend go through such health issues, especially when they’ve been so sensitive and particular about various aspects.

      Discovering that there could be a potential link between Cytopoint and your dog’s anemia must have been both alarming and frustrating for you. It’s disheartening when we entrust our pets’ well-being to medications that are supposed to help them, only to discover unexpected side effects. I can understand your disappointment and your desire for more research to be conducted, so that pet owners like us can make informed decisions about our dogs’ treatments.

      Please know that I empathize with you during this challenging time, and I sincerely hope that your dog’s condition improves soon.

    2. Hi Stacy, sorry to hear this. you need to detox your doggie. check out hulda clark a cure for all things – in her book she talks about how to detox your dog. you need to get the heavy metals (yes shocking -but it’s in all shots human and dog) out of your pets system. you need to get something for your dog’s liver and kidneys. check out pet well being . com they have drops specifically for liver and kidney. you can also get something called life gold which will help with appetite. these drops switch to homemade food such as chicken, just boil it in a pot of water salt it and let it cook down then use the meat and broth and serve it to the pup, you can mix with a small amount of rice (if no allergy).store pet food is literally garbage. give wild salmon oil omega-3, just 1 every few days. it really helps and fulfills nutrition requirements. give pup some calcium, some whole milk, or plain yogurt or kefir (read the ingredients no added sugars or fake stuff – which is hard to find – this is why us humans have so many problems). good luck. you can help your dog through this, but you have to act quickly. I’m saying prayers for you and your pup.

    3. Sorry this happened to you! My puppy almost died after getting this shot. Vets don’t know the dangers. Mine didn’t. She does now. Zoetis paid 500.00 for his treatment and he did survive but people need to know this drug is not safe. The studies done before it got approval were all conducted by Zoetis and were extremely limited and questionable. People are initially getting good results but many of these dogs will not have long lives!!

  2. My best friends just took their dog to the vet for a rash it had developed this past week. 24 hours after receiving the Cytopoint shot the little guy stopped eating, and could barely stand up without having a seizure. A trip to the vet established that he had an autoimmune response to the shot that destroyed his red blood cells, and left him severely anemic. Four days in the hospital, a blood transfusion, and $10k in vet bills later their pooch is back home and recovering. They are looking at 6 more months of follow up appointments and treatment though. Needless to say they are involving lawyers now to attempt to recover veterinary costs.

    It seems like with medicines with known possibility for severe reaction like this, they could research and develop an autoimmune response/sensitivity test, that could be given before injecting them with a chemical that could potentially kill them if they are part of the unlucky bunch. They already have tests like this for some human medicines.

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